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Monday, January 2, 2012

A Year in Review...

2011 Has been a tremendously exciting year for Green Lady Creations.  After 2 years of preparation we were finally ready to launch Green Lady Creations, and share our passion for candles and soap with the world.  I thought I would share a little of 2011 in pictures!

 Our 7oz Everyday Elegance Soy Candle.
We launched GLC with 25 we have over 35 and are working on more every day! 

Our Wax melt cupcake disaster.  These little guys were so cute..but wasted so much product that they didn't go any further than the Open House Favors. 

Our very first soap (well 3rd batch of our very first recipe)...Pure Castile.  To this day still my absolute favorite of all the soap.  Made from pure Olive oil.  It's heaven for the skin. 

Our first "swirled" soap.  Ended up more of a marbled effect rather than a swirl..but is still very pretty. 

First milk soap..Totally tropical with Coconut Milk. 

First soap made with a Vanilla Heavy fragrance.  This one is called Pixie Dust; the fragrance is Pink Sugar type.  It really darkened up to a chocolate brown.  Still smells fantastic though!

Column pour soap project. So much fun to do.  This one is Cranberry Balsam

The most fun soap of the year...and the fastest selling..this beautiful soap was one of the S.O.A.P fragrances and sold out at the very first show I brought it to!

And Last but certainly not least my favorite recipe/soap.  Almond & Oatmeal.  With fine ground oatmeal and luxurious Shea Butter, this soap is 'All That' and more.  This one is my preferred bar to use (although as one of the soap testers..I usually have 2-3 different bars in my shower).
 We are looking forward to 2012 and all the fun things to come.  We are of course continuing to test fragrances to add to our candle line, plus testing for a few additional candle lines.  We will be creating some new soap, and of course adding fun body treats to the bath & body line.  We look forward to sharing all this exciting new stuff with all of you! And Good luck to all of my fellow vendors/artisans in 2012!
Happy Soaping!

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