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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Soap is Art

I was inspired to be creative last week.  Not a standard variety creative (because what I do every day IS creative) but an over the top "I want to make art" creative.  Now I am not the pick up a paintbrush or pencil and draw kind of Right side of the Brain just doesn't work in that way.  The best sketching I can do is stick figures, squiggly lines, and one dimensional boxes.

The Inspiration:  Part One ~ A beautiful piece of art by "Art by Tara Houston" (HERE)  caught my eye the moment I saw it.  The beauty and wonderment spoke to me of the magic and cleansing power of the sea.  It sparked in me a desire to find a warm beach somewhere and meditate.

The Inspiration   Party Two ~ A fragrance that was just decent on it's own, but when blended with notes of sandalwood and baby powder became a magical blend that transported me to that warm beach.

The Colors & Design:  Beachy Blues with sprays of white crashing on the brown sandy beaches.

Thankful for a fragrance that behaved well I was able to have plenty of time to create this ambitious design

Working with multiple styles of pouring methods this design incorporates layers, swirls, and textured tops.

The results were a beautiful piece of soap art.  Which just goes to show you that just because I didn't pick up a brush.....doesn't mean that I didn't create art.

Enjoy the Soap Art as much as I enjoyed making it.... It will be a very limited edition summer soap with only 8 bars available in late June.

Happy Soaping
Green Lady


  1. That soap is absolutely stunning! It looks exactly like a stormy beach scene and I love how it turned out. Great job! =)

  2. Hi... you soap look amazing... I love that very much!

  3. sorry...typing error... "Your soaps"

  4. I love how you got your inspiration for your soap design from that beautiful photo! The scent sounds amazing.


  5. Ohhh what for a beautiful, beautiful soap!!!

  6. WOW! Amazing Soap! Love it!

  7. Turned out gorgeous! I totally agree with you about the soap being art, and it's something I've talked about on my own blog, too. Love the look of this one!