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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lets Shindig!

It was a perfect weekend to Shindig!
Last weekend was one of our big 3 day festivals/fairs.  We had an amazing weekend.  We chatted with our city's Mayor, caught up with old friends, and meet some amazing new people!
I came home with my heart overflowing with gratitude for my amazing customers who came to see me and bless me every day with their wonderful support, new customers who made me swell with pride as they complimented our products,  and even old High School friends that came out to show their support.  

If it wasn't for wonderful customers...we would not be here. 
So THANK YOU for all of your support!

We have some amazing news coming your way...big things are happening here and a few great opportunities are coming our way! We will keep you posted, and we will make this amazing journey together!!!

Check out how much fun we had!

Our booth was right behind the logger show.  It sure got loud on Sat/Sun with their huge chainsaws, but was fun to watch the extremely athletic logger competitors climb up those high poles! Phew..I wouldn't even make it ten feet up! scratch that..five feet! I lost my helper often during the logger you see him back there?  It was great having my hubby along helping this weekend. 

We sold out on a lot of soap over the weekend.  The Mountain man is all gone as well as the Cottage Garden, Energy, and Blackberry sage.  Most of those will be re-stocked asap, the Cottage Garden will not.  We also have only a few bars left of the Tropical Sorbet, the Ocean, and the Detoxify activated Charcoal soap!

The scent of the month (Lemon Chiffon) was a huge hit and we enjoyed the many compliments of our booth smelling the best! We love it when customers walk by and get a whiff of what we are burning that a double take...and say "mmmm it smells so good" Thanks <3  

My Best Friend and fellow Artisan Teria with Huaracha Studios was there also with her exquisite leather.  She has some beautiful new stuff and when I wasn't busy I would sneak a peak down the road so see her booth always full of customers! 

She has a fantastic new handbag called Lil' Sissy...isn't it beautiful!
And as they do every year the Sultan Sportsman Club was there selling their Onion Burgers.  Always Delish! 
I think the fair food is one of my favorite parts of the festivals..although I usually have to eat like a bunny for the next two weeks!  What did I eat? Well I enjoyed  BBQ from Two 1/2 Men BBQ two days in a row...delish, and I had Chicken teriyaki, as well as half of my husbands Onion burger.  I also enjoyed a Irish Cowboy iced coffee drink from the Coffee Corral.

Fantastic Washington weather, and a  fantastic weekend at the Sultan Summer Shindig in Sultan, Washington.  See you all next year for another fun filled weekend!
What's up next? We have another hometown show in Gold Bar, Washington (right down the road from our Candle Lab).  We'll be there the weekend of July 27th-29th for Gold Dust Days.  Lots of activities for the whole family including music, panning for gold, and much more!
See you there.