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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh What a Crafty Day

My final project from our Snow-cation. 
I was not sold on the colors of this jewelry set, but ended up LOVING it once it was finished. 
This particular project came in a kit from Ben Franklin crafts.  It was a gift that I received from Santa this year.  I just love it when Santa shops at my favorite craft store!!!

I got two beautiful necklaces out of the items in the kit as well as 3 pairs of earrings, one bracelet, and a mini bracelet for my daughter.  I plan on taking this look and making a few more like it in different colors.

I Love the chunky look!

I was not very happy with the quality of the pearls in the kit, although I didn't really expect to much (some of those kits are just not very high quality I'm afraid).  When I make some more I will buy a better quality pearl and some good quality chain. 

I love the little bows.  I am thinking I could take this style and add my own steampunk flair to it...just need to find some fun steampunk charms!  I LOVE Steampunk.
It's been a while since I've made jewelry and I have to get back in to practice...but overall not bad.  I dug through my craft bins and was happy to find I still had some lime green glass pearls that would be awesome!

As always Have a great day! 

I have a soap project up my sleeve...hoping to work on that project soon!


  1. Super cute! Making all those little loops would make me go cross-eyed. I am your newest follower! I love how creative you are!