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Friday, December 30, 2011

Spunky Violet Spring Soap

Ever since I was a young girl my most favorite color combo has been Green and Purple.  I even had matching green and purple riding gear for my horse!  To this day it continues to be a favorite combination of mine.  I have many different items in my home that combine this amazing color combination.  

I was inspired by spring (yes I am ready for spring already) and my love for all things purple and green.  I have had this soap project in my mind using this color combo for a while now...and I finally found the perfect fragrance to go with this project.

This fragrance is beautiful and is described as:  The sensual and luxurious aroma of violet blends with crisp, clean lime to produce this sophisticated fragrance.   I think the blend makes is feminine yet spunky!

Spunky Violet should be ready February 1st 2012.  It is also available in our Everyday Elegance Soy Candle. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Barter for the Holidays...

At every market, after I'm all set up and ready for the day, I try to spend at least 20 min checking out my fellow vendor's goods.  I am a handcrafted artisan, so naturally I am always trying to support other handcrafted artisans and their amazing talents.  There are a lot of artisans out there who are incredibly talented individuals. 

I am always excited when a fellow vendor wants to barter for goods...and why not...they want something of yours you want something of's a win win!!

This year's markets were a treasure trove of amazing things from handmade jewelry to up cycled scarves.   I had just as much fun shopping as I did selling my own goods. 
As I put together all of my amazing finds I realized that I really scored on some amazing things...and I was a little selfish this year, everything is for me!!!! Santa can cross me off his list!!!

I wanted to give credit where credit is due: however, I have lost some of the business cards that went with some of my I will put at which market they were bought from and if it's yours..please email me and I will get you your credit.  I am hopeless when it comes to miss-placing business on the list for a barter is a business card holder that will fit into my purse.

Handmade Glass pendant necklace.  Love this necklace.  The Green is less blue than the picture shows, it's a beautiful lime green (my favorite color BTW).  I can't for the life of me remember the name of the company I got this from.  I got this one at the Washington Public Market in Snohomish in November, I think opening weekend.  I got the necklace and the pendant from the same vendor.  She had some amazing stuff and I had the hardest time choosing just two things. 
The purple pendant looks fantastic with just a small silver chain.  Very plain, but elegant. 

My favorite score of the year.  I did not barter this one, this is one I just had to have.  If you know my stuff, you know that this tree looks incredibly similar to my company logo, and of course I just had to have it.  Have you ever had something just speak to you..or call you from a distance?  I was at the other end of the building getting a mocha before the show and out of the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of a vendor putting out this necklace on the table.  I was so focused on my coffee..who isn't at 8am...that I almost missed it.  I literally did a double take, picked it up, and bought it in the same breath.  This one I scored also at the Washington Public Market, I don't remember the company/vendor but she was right across from the coffee stand. 

Another great score from the Washington Public Market.  This is an UP CYCLED T-shirt scarf.  It's kinda funky, kinda fun, and actually surprisingly warm.  It's really fun to wear and can be used to dress up a plain jean/t-shirt ensemble or to dress down something you don't want to be too fancy.  I love scarves and am aware that I have way to many...but that's OK. 
This one was made by: Creative Design, you can find them online at

My last score from the Washington Public Market comes from Sheila @ Handbags Gotta Have It. This purse is so much fun! It's sparkles in the light and has a ton of bling.  The front belt flap is my absolute favorite part of the entire purse!  You can find your Gotta Have it Handbag @

Last but not least I got this adorable hair clip at the Abba's Sanctuary Craft show.  It's a beautiful gray and looks fabulous with my favorite ruffly gray shirt/sweater outfit.  I have become a girly girl as I have aged and LOVE that flowers have become fashionable to wear even for us grown ups. 

I got some amazing tasty chocolate from a few of the shows too..(White chocolate Egg Nog Truffles r to die for BTW) but of course that was long gone before I even left each show! 

Thanks to every vendor for putting out amazing products.  I love all of my goodies and look forward to the next show season where I can score some more amazing new stuff from local vendors/artisans! Not only do I get to score...but I get to support fellow artisans who want to share their creativity with the world!
Happy Holidays and Keep Creating!