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Friday, May 25, 2012

Come take a Walk with me!

After a week straight of nothing but pouring down rain...I woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine.  While walking with my son to catch the bus this morning, Nature as always, provided me with some amazing inspiration.  
So grab a cup of coffee...and take a walk around my neighborhood with me.  Remember life is always take time to stop and smell the flowers!!!

We'll start in my own garden..

Just look at the beautiful coloring on this Wave Petunia.  I have never seen this coloring before.  I was amazed to find this at my local Fred Meyer store.  My favorite colors are purple and lime green so of course I had to have this.  I bought all they had and put a few in each basket! LOVE IT!

My neighbors got a new Maple this past week.  After theirs and my contorted filbert got the black rot and had to be dug up, they replaced it with this beautiful Japanese Maple.  Of course I can not remember the name  but it's so pretty with it's varying shades of pink.  Jap Maples are by far my favorite trees and I have many in my own yard...I may have to add this one to my collection.

Of course what is Western Washington without some azaleas and Rhododendrons. 

This Rhodie is GIGANTIC with big beautiful blooms. 

I love when Ivy grows up tree trunks.  To bad Ivy can get pretty carried away if you let it.  Some day I'm going to have a pretty old brick building with Ivy growing up the side. 

Fritillaria Meleagris-the checkered lily.  Some people call them little fritts (cute name) they are the cutest little lilies I have ever seen.  It's super tiny and incredibly delicate looking.

This Fringed Poppy is just about ready to POP out!

Alchemilla-Lady's Mantle:  This beautiful plant doesn't have the most beautiful flowers when it blooms...but it's foliage is striking; especially in the morning or after a rain when the water just sits right on top of the hairy leaves.

Bearded Iris.  My Iris only has two blooms this year.  I think it may be time to divide and transplant.  My yard is perfect for this sun loving beauty; I get full sun for most of the day!

Thanks for taking a walk with me around my neighborhood.  I think I shall grab another cup of coffee and go sit in my garden...I hope you are inspired to do the same!
Enjoy the beauty in Nature!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prepping for our first Three Day Event!

We have been busy busy prepping for our very first 3-day festival.  This will be our very first 3 day long show and I am anxiously looking forward to this fun filled weekend.  I have daycare taken care of for my little ones (between my hubby, my brother-in-law, and my friend I think we have it covered) and I have even recruited a helper for Sat/Sun (thanks Sis).

We are working every day to stock up on our candles/melts, since we have all of our soap done.  I even have a few new things that I am excited to unveil at this show.  My hubby bought me a small presto pot and made it into a wax melter for faster production...I am in love with it.  Last night it cut my production time down by 2 whole hours!  Next time I am getting a bigger one!

So for the next couple of weeks I may be a bit quiet over here in my little corner of the blog sphere, I apologize in advance. 
Would you like some pretty pictures to hold you over?
Well I'm going to give you some anyway...because you know I love to look at pretty pictures!

My three favorite fragrances for this summer.  NEW Tuscan Melon & Apricot
Jamaica Me Crazy
Mango Papaya
You can't go wrong with any of these sweet summer treats for your senses! We also have another new sweet fragrance coming soon....

Not a fan of about our Gardenia's a beautiful floral, or our Sea Mist...a great combination of floral and ocean. 

Shhhhh...don't tell anyone...but here is a sneak peak of my NEW Enchanted Collection candles
Look for them soon at our shows and online! They are almost finished.

We got a few new display baskets for our tables.  They are super cute and a great find at the used store for a dollar each!

Our new packaging for our Bath Salts was a huge hit at it's first show. 

The Detox soap turned out Beautiful! This one wont be ready until mid June.  It's so pretty even though it's plain.

Well so long for now. As always have a fantastic day!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tons of SOAPY fun!

We have been a bit SOAPY over here at the GLC Studio!
In preparation for our summer shows we've been soaping up a storm! Since we make our CP soap the old fashioned way it takes 5 weeks for our soap to cure before it's ready for sale, this means that we have to be fortune tellers sometimes and try to get a fix on what we have planned for our summer shows.  I have made 16 batches of soap these past few weeks....that's over 135 bars of soap sitting on our curing rack! It feels good to have accomplished a goal!
So here's a sneak peak just for you!

Blackberry Sage

No name for this one yet, but I loved doing it! This one is a Faux Funnel pour.  It's scented in a fruity concoction of my own creation:  take a little bit of pineapple and coconut, add some ginger, and finish it off with a bright lime chaser!

Pomegranate; bright and fruity! I'm hoping this one doesn't discolor, the fragrance did state it had a bit of vanilla it in.  I guess we shall see!

Simple.elegant.soap:  Green Clover & Aloe. 
This one is a bit more perfume than I thought it would be, hoping it will calm down just a little bit.

And what is soon becoming a favorite of mine...and especially my husband.  This one is a custom blended Ocean type fragrance.  It's very clean and brisk.