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Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's been a bit quiet over here...

I have been quiet lately, and I am very sorry!
Not a whole lot going on over here..I did get all of my spring soap finished and all of my new spring candle fragrances tested and ready for production.  I thought I would share with you the new spring soaps and bath & body stuff, as well as a few other things I'm working on.

New Spring Soaps

White Ginger

this is what it looks like from the side..pretty huh!


I love the white ginger and energy they are both so refreshing, and perfect for spring.  The White ginger ended up just how I wanted it (which as we know does not always happen).  The energy was supposed to be a swirl, but somehow I did not pour it early enough and it was too thick for a good swirl, it still turned out nice though.

Sweet Pea
Sea Glass
The Sea Glass is so pretty, the colors ended up very beachy, which was exactly what I wanted.  This fragrance moved fast so it's not really a swirl or a spoon pour, more of a mash up of both.  I started with spooning it in and had to move quick so swirled it also.  I think it turned out great.

White Lily & Amber
The white lily did not turn out as expected at all.  The fragrance on this one heated up like no other and did not hold up very well in CP.  It's still very nice and you can smell it, but not as strong as I wanted it to be.  I added a lot of Titanium Dioxide as it was supposed to be bright white with a pink top.  This fragrance dc to a light tan.  I love working with curls, and my customers love them.  The Spunky Violet is no exception! It's a beautiful fragrance and the soap turned out great!  The soap has three color layers: purple, green, and white.  I am happy with the way this one turned out!
 I like the plumeria too, it's always a good selling fragrance.  It morphed a little in my soap vs my candles, but is still a nice fragrance overall.
These are my new lil' freshies..."Fragrant little fresheners for just about anywhere" aren't they super cute?  So far they are doing great at shows, everybody loves them.  I am working this week on getting more fragrances into the fresheners, and am hoping to eventually have every one of my candle fragrances available in a freshie.  They come packaged in a recyclable plastic ziplock bag to keep them fresh.  I use them in my car, and in my closets...I love them!
We are also working on Fragrant body oil.  It will come in one ounce glass bottles for now.  I am working on some fragrance blends as well as some essential oil blend.  These are not stocked yet..I am working on it though!  My other project this week is Fragrant Body and Room sprays, I don't have a pic yet, but they are my project for this week as well as stocking all the spring candles. 
So there is what I have been working on.  I have a lot on the calender this week including stocking up on all of the Spring Candle Fragrances..I'll post a list of the new scents next blog post!  I am also working on a new candle collection inspired by my love of magic and enchantment! Next week it's on to some more soap projects as well as working on votive candles to add to our collection!
I hope you are all keeping busy also...I for one can not wait for the spring shows to begin! 
Have a great day!