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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snowed in Craft Day #1

Instead of just a snow day...we had a whole snow week! To help keep me and the kids stay sain..(we still ended up with a bit of cabin fever) we decided to each do a craft project of some sort every single day!
It was a ton of fun!

Glass tile pendants.  I was at my favorite craft store (Ben Franklin's) a while back and saw a ton of really pretty pendants made from a variety of materials.  I've seen these floating around the blog sphere and I thought they would make a fun little project. 

I bought the glass square tiles at Ben Franklin, and the paper is recycled from my pile of leftover scraps.  I have been hoarding my Bo Bunny Olivia collection paper scraps because I LOVED that paper collection so much and I refused to throw one tiny piece away..people had thoughts about my sanity...but look at that I got to use them!!!

I used mod podge to glue the paper to the tile, but next time will probably use an additional resin or glaze for further protection. 

I only had two glue on bails for the pendant part..will have to get some more of those, but I Love how they turned out.  They are the smallest of the square glass tiles so I think they will be perfect in a necklace alone or with a few other things clustered together. 

It was a super easy project...and really fun.  I had so much fun doing this project that I was sad when I ran out of glass tiles...but then I dug through my craft bins and found some polymer clay..ooh that could work! Stay tuned for that project!

As always thanks for following my snow week fun!
"Do something crafty every day"
Have a happy crafty day!!!

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