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Friday, November 25, 2011

A (very late) S.O.A.P. Saga ending

It has been so busy in the GLC candle lab that I haven't had much time to check in with my favorite blogs, let alone keep up with mine.  So my sincerest apologies for this very late ending to my S.O.A.P'y Saga. 
We got the email a while back stating which fragrances that Brambleberry decided to keep as regularly stocked scents...but I of course wanted a little more.  So I shot them an email, and the responded immediately (as they always do) with the names of ALL of the fragrances...because I was dying to see how well my sniffer did. 
I am excited about the fragrances that they decided to keep, and a little sad that they did not choose to keep my ultimate favorite, guess I will have to go looking for that one somewhere. 
I'm sure I will be able to find it.

I am going to list the fragrance #, then my name for it, followed by the original name.

#1-Mulled Wine/Napa Valley - this one has been chosen as one of Brambleberry's fragrances to keep you can find it on the website, they call it Bordeaux Blend

#2-Autumn Harvest/Tea Party - this fragrance has also been chosen as a keeper fragrance, they call it Plum Tea

#3-Blackberry Marmalade/Pino Noir - I knew I smelled some sort of berry in that one

#4-Santa's Workshop/Pinot Grigio - I was way off on this one, it smelled way spicier to me

#5-my cupcake disaster so I never did name it/Red Apple Salsa - hmmmmm.

#6-Frosted Spruceberry/Aloe - this one is really fresh

#7-Winter in the Northwest/Hinoki - My Ultimate favorite of all the fragrances, and for me the best seller.  Was hoping to sell all of these in December and was super excited when they sold out at my first show!  Now I have to find this scent somewhere.

#8-Wicked Witch/Antique Treasure - way to musky for my tastes.

So I did fairly well for my first S.O.A.P panel.  I had a ton of fun and want to thank everyone over at Brambleberry for choosing me to be part of their amazing panel.  I would also like to thank all of the other panel members that gave amazing feedback and had some awesome ideas for soap!  There are some amazingly talented soapers out there!  Best of luck to each and every one of you this holiday season. 

To see the Soapy round up Blog post on SoapQueen you can click here
and then for the final pick blog post click here

I promise to try and keep up with updates this holiday season.  I have some amazing things I'm working on including cupcake soap...yes I am not going to let the cupcakes win.  I will conquer.
Happy Holidays to you all

Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy little worker Elves

The busy little worker Elves have been a buzz with activity here at the Green Lady Workshop.  With the busy season in full swing, and a show every weekend..we have been rockin' and rollin'!

The Big Elf made me some fantastic new shelving for my candles.  He rocks! They are so sturdy and display my product beautifully, plus not to heavy and easy to tote around (which is always a plus).  The back and inside is all open to tuck away the business clutter! LOVE THEM!!

Have used them at two shows so far and they really get the product up to eye level and in your customers faces!  He is going to make me a baby version for my lotions/scrubs!

The baby elves have been so understanding of moms busy season..My six year old says to Dad when I have a show.."Mom has a show you get to be Mr Mom today" I love it, it's so cute!

As for this elf..well I have been busy creating, going to craft shows, re-stocking, and doing it all over again!  This is my first holiday season on the show circuit, and while I have a lot of things to organize for next year, it has been great so far! 

Last weekend's Winterfest show was my favorite show so far! It was put on entirely by community volunteers, and every penny of money they earned for the event went back to the community.  The High School Jazz band and show choirs sang, as did the elementary school music programs.  It was a fantastic holiday show and I can't wait to do it again next year!

So while I keep the worker elves busy, and the workshop buzzing, I hope the rest of you have a fantastic holiday season as well.  Remember as a business owner/crafter we run ourselves pretty ragged this time of remember to set aside at least a few of your favorite products...and treat yourself as well!  Oh...and coming next post....I scored on a bunch of trades from fellow vendors that I can not wait to show everyone! 
As always Have a Happy Funtastic Day!
The Green Lady