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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gearing up for July's festivals

July is upon us and it's time for our yearly summer shows.  This year we have decreased it to just two in July:  The Sultan Shindig, and Gold Dust Days.  After which we will be taking a much needed little vacation from outdoor events to gear up for the Holiday Show Season.

(Don't worry I have a few fun projects in mind for the down time)

We do have some wonderful news....Starting July 16th you will be able to find your favorite Green Lady Creations soy candles and home fragrance products at the Grow Washington store in Snohomish, WA.  
We joined the Grow Washington organization last year, and have seen great success with our products at the Sultan location, and we are very excited to see them in downtown Snohomish.

Now for some new products now available:
Check out our new Hand Rolled 100% Beeswax taper candles.
Perfect for your next party, wedding, or get together; these taper candles are unscented (they do have a honey smell to them from the natural beeswax) and have a beautiful honeycomb texture.  I love these...and must admit that I kept a few for myself!

Strawberry Shortcake is the newest edition to our Candle Fragrances.  Imagine fresh strawberries, sweet shortbread, and creamy whipped cream.  Yum!
Strawberry shortcake is available now and joins our previous new fragrances: Orange Blossom, and Black Currant Tea.

If you have a not so delicious aroma wafting around your space, then you need our new Odor Eliminating Home Fragrance Spray. Unlike other sprays and deodorizers which simply mask the odor, this advanced formula eliminates unpleasant and embarrassing odors.  Now available in 5 summertime favorites. (not yet available online)

So if your heading out this month come see us at the
Sultan Shindig (Sultan, WA) July 12th-14th
Gold Dust Days (Gold Bar, WA) July 26th-28th

Coming up next we have a soapy project in the works and another candle project coming soon! 

Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finishing up all the new labels!

It has been a long process...but we are almost finished with Green Lady Creations Wonderful new look!

The New Enchanted Collection labels are a hit Each Enchanted fragrance is custom blended and will transport you to the Enchanted Realm!

We have jazzed up our look with our wonderful new logo and some bright new colors!

We are not completely done with everything yet...but just about!

Thanks for your patience during our re-branding!

Now we can get back to creating some fun new things.....we have lots of fun ideas...our big book of ideas is practically overflowing!

Plus we will have some wonderful news next week!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Creepy Little Spider...

This weird looking spider was hanging out on my chives the other day.  Now normally I would not have had the courage to stop and shoot a photo of it...but it really was an unusual looking spider with pink...yes I said pink...spots.

After looking it up on Google it looks to be a 
Crab Spider
although the pictures I looked at make the markings look more like stripes rather than spots.

And if you know what kind of spider this is..let me know!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Soap is Art

I was inspired to be creative last week.  Not a standard variety creative (because what I do every day IS creative) but an over the top "I want to make art" creative.  Now I am not the pick up a paintbrush or pencil and draw kind of Right side of the Brain just doesn't work in that way.  The best sketching I can do is stick figures, squiggly lines, and one dimensional boxes.

The Inspiration:  Part One ~ A beautiful piece of art by "Art by Tara Houston" (HERE)  caught my eye the moment I saw it.  The beauty and wonderment spoke to me of the magic and cleansing power of the sea.  It sparked in me a desire to find a warm beach somewhere and meditate.

The Inspiration   Party Two ~ A fragrance that was just decent on it's own, but when blended with notes of sandalwood and baby powder became a magical blend that transported me to that warm beach.

The Colors & Design:  Beachy Blues with sprays of white crashing on the brown sandy beaches.

Thankful for a fragrance that behaved well I was able to have plenty of time to create this ambitious design

Working with multiple styles of pouring methods this design incorporates layers, swirls, and textured tops.

The results were a beautiful piece of soap art.  Which just goes to show you that just because I didn't pick up a brush.....doesn't mean that I didn't create art.

Enjoy the Soap Art as much as I enjoyed making it.... It will be a very limited edition summer soap with only 8 bars available in late June.

Happy Soaping
Green Lady

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photography + Handmade Soap = Eye Candy!

If you have been following along then you know that I love making soap....and I also LOVE taking pictures.  

Another thing you may not know is my go-to soap making supplier is Bramble Berry.  There are many things I love about Bramble Berry, but the top two would have to be their Customer Service...and the fact that they two are right here in Washington.  Just a hop, skip, and a jump North of me about a hour and a half.  Sadly it has been ages since I've been up to Bellingham...but am thinking a road trip is in order sometime soon!

The Soap Queen (Anne-Marie) has been my soapy Idol for many years, and I have always looked to her blog for advice and inspiration.  You can find her blog Here.  

A few weeks ago we were honored to be chosen for Bramble Berry's Facebook Photo of the week contest.  I could hardly believe it when we found out...I husband came running and asked what the big fuss was all about.
After showing him the blog post (which you can find here)  
he joined me in a happy dance...and said "Isn't that the Soap Queen lady that you admire so much"  Um YES!!

Needless to say we were extremely honored to be chosen for the Facebook Photo of the week from Bramble Berry, and would like to say a big gigantic THANK YOU  to everyone over there.  

  There is just something beautiful about soap....(that statement may just be true for us soap-aholics)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break is time to get back to creating.

It was Spring Break here last week and if you are a mom with younger know that getting things done isn't quite as easy with kids under foot.  So we took a little break from working hard and decided to play hard instead!  

We enjoyed the rare Spring Sunshine we were blessed with the first few days and got outside in the garden...There are signs of Spring everywhere! 

My lilies are already poking their little heads up, and my one lone tulip (thanks to a particularly nasty little mole last year) is struggling to make an appearance.  

Once the rain came back we were sadly driven back inside for the rest of the week and spent our days painting and building couch forts.  Nothing beats curling up with a good book on a rainy day...except curling up with that good book under a fort in the middle of the living room!

I did manage a few batches of soapy fun!

I had so much fun making this soap.  Normally each of my soap batches are planned from the colors to how I will pour them prior to even beginning a soapmaking session.  This one was different and is called a drop swirl.  It was so much fun because there was not a lot of pre-planning, no design to sketch out....just pour it and wait to see what happens! 

A new Purely for Him soap that has yet to be named.  
A Spicy intriguing blend of Vetyver, Patchouli, and Sandalwood.  This fragrance is my new favorite in our Purely for Him collection.

Hope everyone is having a great day...the sun has decided to come out now for a few seconds so I am going to go soak up as much of it as I can before it starts raining again! 
Happy Spring from all of us here at Green Lady Creations.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A NEW look

Green Lady Creations has a brand NEW look!

One of our Business goals for 2013 is branding our products together to create a cohesive look throughout our line.  The first step in accomplishing this was to create a unique Logo.  I have been working on a logo for some time now, and could never get it quite the way I wanted it, so I called in a professional to help!

In came Bonnita Graphics  to my rescue, who created something just perfect.  Plain, Simple, yet bold enough to get some attention.  Thanks Bonnita Graphics for a great logo!

Our next step of course is to get all of our labels re-designed and get this logo out for everyone to see! 

We have been working very hard at GLC, and are looking forward to another great year.  We have lots of new stuff on our testing shelves, and even more great ideas in what we call our "lets do this" bin.  

This year we are changing up how we introduce NEW candle fragrances.  Instead of doing a bundle of fragrances each season we have decided to make it more fun and have one NEW fragrance EVERY month! 

January's New fragrance was:
Egyptian Amber (not pictured)
A beautifully complex infusion of six essential oils including: orange, lavandin, copaiba, balsam, lemon, and grapefruit.  It's darkened with a rich base of vanilla, musk, and sandalwood, and balanced by lively top notes of jasmine, lavender, and orange.

February's NEW fragrance is:
Gentleman's Club
A daring blend of exotic spices and bay rum mingled with just a hint of salty sea air.

March's new fragrance is beautiful and your going to love it....but we won't spoil the surprise!
So keep you eyes peeled every month for the NEW fragrance announcement.  We have lots of ways you can follow us...
and of course right here on our Blog.
Thanks for following along!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Brand New Soaps

We have been very creative here at the Green Lady Creations Lab.  We have been busy re-stocking soap, bath and body, and lots of candles.  

One of my favorite new soaps is our Juniper Berry ~ a clean fresh pine and ozone fragrance with just a hint of berry.  

Or how about Cherry Almond ~ sweet cherries and delicious warm almond.  Perfect for Valentines Day.

If you like a more floral fragrance, you can try   our new Cherry Blossom Limited Edition soap.  A beautiful combination of Japanese Cherry Blossom, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, and Oriental Musk.

Everyone's favorite Energy soap is now back in stock on the website, and will be back in stock at the Everett We Do Art store next week. 

We have lots of other wonderful new things up our sleeve, including a Beautiful Brand New Logo, and new products coming soon!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My very late announcement...Good things come.

Oh my goodness....The new year has come and gone and has found us SUPER busy here at Green Lady Creations.  I am sincerely sorry for being so quiet in blog-land.  I have been working hard on new product ideas, and spring and summer fragrances.  

I am very late sharing my good news, because of which I was very busy this Holiday season.  So my good news.....You can now find Green Lady Creations products at TWO...yes I said Two retail stores right here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  

What stores you say....well let me tell you a bit about each one.  

Grow Washington is a not for profit organization designed  "To maximize the entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses in Washington State, create an economically viable and sustainable environment for small business owners and generate social awareness through promotion, marketing and education"   

Green Lady Creations is proud to be a part of this amazing organization.  Our Candle and Home Fragrance products are now available at the Sultan Grow Washington store located at 403 Main St. in downtown Sultan.   The Sultan Grow Washington store also features many different gift items from over 14 different Made In Washington Artists and Artisans including; chocolates, jewelry, candles, soap, succulent planters...and many more.   So next time you are on your way either up or over Stevens Pass, make sure you stop on by this little gem of a gift store and check out all of the amazing Made In Washington items, and help support Growing Washington one Small business at a time.

Soy Candles by
Green Lady Creations

Beautiful Jewelry by
Haywire Ridge Jewelry

Salted Caramels by
Miss Maggie's Desserts

For more information about Grow Washington:

You can also now find your favorite Green Lady Creations products at the We Do Art store in Everett, Washington.  The We Do Art store is a contemporary gift shop that celebrates local artists and fine craftspeople.  The shop has a wonderful array of different artists and artisan.  From cute eclectic mini gardens, soaps and candles, to beautiful mosaics, this little gem of a gift store is definitely One of a Kind.  
Located at 5612 Evergreen Way*Everett, Washington.
The We do Art store also participates in the Everett Art Walk, and has many Wine tasting events throughout the year.  You can check them out at

Soy candles by
Green Lady Creations
Those Two Sisters

For more information about We Do Art you can visit
or find them on Facebook at
We Do Art

Great news right! We are enjoying watching Green Lady Creations grow and are looking forward to a new year and many more wonderful things happening for us.  Thanks for being a part of our incredible journey.