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Monday, May 7, 2012

Tons of SOAPY fun!

We have been a bit SOAPY over here at the GLC Studio!
In preparation for our summer shows we've been soaping up a storm! Since we make our CP soap the old fashioned way it takes 5 weeks for our soap to cure before it's ready for sale, this means that we have to be fortune tellers sometimes and try to get a fix on what we have planned for our summer shows.  I have made 16 batches of soap these past few weeks....that's over 135 bars of soap sitting on our curing rack! It feels good to have accomplished a goal!
So here's a sneak peak just for you!

Blackberry Sage

No name for this one yet, but I loved doing it! This one is a Faux Funnel pour.  It's scented in a fruity concoction of my own creation:  take a little bit of pineapple and coconut, add some ginger, and finish it off with a bright lime chaser!

Pomegranate; bright and fruity! I'm hoping this one doesn't discolor, the fragrance did state it had a bit of vanilla it in.  I guess we shall see!

Simple.elegant.soap:  Green Clover & Aloe. 
This one is a bit more perfume than I thought it would be, hoping it will calm down just a little bit.

And what is soon becoming a favorite of mine...and especially my husband.  This one is a custom blended Ocean type fragrance.  It's very clean and brisk.


  1. All of them are just lovely!!!!

  2. Just love them, especially the lovely colour of the Green Clover and Aloe.

    1. thank you. I Love that simple color as well the pic doesn't do it justice at all it's a little more green in person. I love how creamy it turned out!