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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prepping for our first Three Day Event!

We have been busy busy prepping for our very first 3-day festival.  This will be our very first 3 day long show and I am anxiously looking forward to this fun filled weekend.  I have daycare taken care of for my little ones (between my hubby, my brother-in-law, and my friend I think we have it covered) and I have even recruited a helper for Sat/Sun (thanks Sis).

We are working every day to stock up on our candles/melts, since we have all of our soap done.  I even have a few new things that I am excited to unveil at this show.  My hubby bought me a small presto pot and made it into a wax melter for faster production...I am in love with it.  Last night it cut my production time down by 2 whole hours!  Next time I am getting a bigger one!

So for the next couple of weeks I may be a bit quiet over here in my little corner of the blog sphere, I apologize in advance. 
Would you like some pretty pictures to hold you over?
Well I'm going to give you some anyway...because you know I love to look at pretty pictures!

My three favorite fragrances for this summer.  NEW Tuscan Melon & Apricot
Jamaica Me Crazy
Mango Papaya
You can't go wrong with any of these sweet summer treats for your senses! We also have another new sweet fragrance coming soon....

Not a fan of about our Gardenia's a beautiful floral, or our Sea Mist...a great combination of floral and ocean. 

Shhhhh...don't tell anyone...but here is a sneak peak of my NEW Enchanted Collection candles
Look for them soon at our shows and online! They are almost finished.

We got a few new display baskets for our tables.  They are super cute and a great find at the used store for a dollar each!

Our new packaging for our Bath Salts was a huge hit at it's first show. 

The Detox soap turned out Beautiful! This one wont be ready until mid June.  It's so pretty even though it's plain.

Well so long for now. As always have a fantastic day!


  1. Your candle scents sounds heavenly! I also like your jars and labels. So pretty. Do you sell your products online?

    1. Thanks Lisa. I do sell online, you can check out my website at
      thanks again!

  2. Thanks for following my blog! I LOVE your soups and your products look wonderful!

    ~* Ashley

    1. thanks Ashley. And thanks for following my blog!