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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

S.O.A.P-y Round Up!

My S.O.A.P testing for Bramble Berry is all finished, it's been a blast and I am so incredibly thankful to Bramble Berry for choosing me to be on this very Talented Team of Soapers!  I have a few final thoughts to share, and thought I would show some final pics now that the soaps have had a couple of weeks to settle.  

I have chosen my personal favorite and it is # 7.

Mystery Fragrance #1
Mulled Wine

On the Left is 24hrs later on the Right is 3 weeks.  As you can see the color has lessened some, but not much.  The Scent has lightened a bit as well, but the grape has settled and has let the spice notes come through more.  In the Sugar Scrub it is a much more grape/sweet scent with no hints of spice at all.

Mystery Fragrance #2
Autumn Harvest
(note pic on right is wrong bottle..oops)

The colors are great and have stayed very well.  This scent has not lessened at all and is still nice and strong.  It's a great blend of all the scents of the Fall season.

Mystery Fragrance #3
Blackberry Marmalade
(again wrong bottle in pic)

The colors stayed well in this soap, but the scent diminished quite a bit, the fragrance now is barely discernible.  If I was to use this one again, I would up the fragrance oil usage.

Mystery Fragrance #4
Santa's Workshop

As you can see the colors are more muddy, and the green did get warmer and loose that 'brightness' I was so concerned about.  This scent has rounded out nicely as it has aged and I like it a little more each time I smell it. 

Mystery Fragrance #5
Still Un-Named

I'm having the hardest time naming this scent, as it has turned into a very sharp, floral fragrance to me, and I can think of nothing that fits right.  So for now it's remaining Un-Named.  No discoloration after a few weeks, and the scent is remaining very strong in the soap.  I personally do not care for this scent, it's a little to sharp for me.

Mystery Fragrance #6
Frosted Spruceberry

This fragrance has lightened up a lot, which is a bummer because it's one of my favorites.  It has had only a little color change (purple came through more) after a week or so.  This is one I really hope Bramble Berry decides to keep as I still LOVE it, I would just up my fragrance usage rate a bit to compensate for the loss of scent.
Mystery Fragrance #7 
Winter in the Pacific Northwest

This one is my favorite of all of them.  Sadly it has lightened up quite a bit in the final soap, (one of my customers stated:  "it smells like soap" ) so I would up my fragrance usage on the next batch.  (crossing my fingers that they keep this one)  The colors have stayed nice, maybe a bit more muddy now, but still pretty.

Mystery Fragrance #8
Witchy Witch

The Orange top layer has lightened up quite a bit, but the scent has remained not only strong, but seems to be getting stronger.  Sadly the black layer on this one will have to be cut off, and the rest made in to a smaller hand soap size bar because It has way to much color, thus resulting in grayish/black bubbles.  (which is not good)   Lessons learned when playing with my new Black Oxide pigment. 

So that's my final thoughts on the Bramble Berry S.O.A.P testing fragrances.  Again I was very honored to be a part of this amazing team, and look forward to Bramble Berry's announcement of the winners. 
Thanks all for following me!

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