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Monday, August 29, 2011

SOAP Testing Continued...

Mystery S.O.A.P Fragrance # 2
I am having quite the experience testing these fragrances for Bramble Berry.  I can not believe how much fun this is!

The Idea:  I love the Column Pour method, and have been wanting to try it again.  I put it on my list for a technique that I should NOT use with a new Fragrance, and then of course totally disregarded my own advice!  If you want to see this method in detail, here is a tutorial from Lovin Soap.  You can also check out soap fantastic Column pour soaps at The Soap Queen Blog.

The Fragrance:  OOB (out of bottle) this fragrance smelled like ginger, some sort of musky base like patchouli, and a sweetness that was not candy sweet, but rather floral/earthy sweet.  It's a hard fragrance to explain, and has proven even harder to name.  I figured it would be a perfect canidate for 6 color column pour since it had so many different notes in it.  In the soap the fragrance turned a little more sweet, and lost that ginger note that I had detected. 

The Color:  Since we are doing fall I decided to go with reds, oranges, and a green.  I had the most fantastic helper when mixing up all the colors:  my 5 year old Trenton loves to help Mom as much as he can.  We used:  Burgundy oxide, Ultramarine violet, Ultramarine pink, Coral Mica (which turned orange), and Green Chrome Mica.

The Recipe:  Again I kept it simple, I wanted a recipe that wouldn't trace fast so I would have time to pour all of the colors and get clean lines.  I used:
Olive oil-35%
Coconut oil-30%
Palm oil-20%
Castor oil-5%
Avocado oil-5%

The Results:  This fragrance traced way too fast on me and because the soap was too thick it did not pour well at all.  The top came out lumpy rather than smooth, and some of the colors disapered entirely.  The orange came out bright as did the green.  I will be sure and remind myself to use a fragrance oil that I KNOW will not accelerate next time I try to do a column pour.  Lesson Learned.
As you can see the top is not satin smooth, and there are no nice clean lines.
Cut it looks like this:

As they cure I will of course be looking for any color changes, and scent retention. 
I'm giving this one to the fragrance, since it didn't come out perfect (even though I am still happy with the results).
So Monica: 1  Mystery Fragrances: 1
Stay tuned for Fragrance #3


  1. You have been very brave to do a column swirl with a new fragrance. But your soap turned out very beautiful, I like the colours, especially the green and the orange and the swirls are still great.

  2. I think the soap turned out really beautifully but I know how it is when a soap doesn't turn out perfectly like you were hoping =)

  3. I think it turned out looking great. Maybe not what you were thinking or even wanting...but it's an awesome looking soap.