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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog.  I am Monica, but my friends call me The Green Lady.  I am a soaper/candlemaker and I LOVE my jobs.  Not only do I run my business, Green Lady Creations, I am also a mother, and a wife to the most amazing family.  If I'm not in the studio, or in the office, I'm outside playing with the kids or working in the garden.  I really love what I do and if it wasn't for the amazing soapers and candlemakers out there that share their knowledge on the internet and in books I wouldn't be where I am today.  In the spirit of creative sharing and inspiration, I wanted to help inspire the many creative people out there who are looking for information and creative inspiration! 

So what will we talk about?  Well anything really, I have a lot of thoughts in my head and and lot of things that I enjoy.  I thought we'd talk about soapmaking of course, and a little candlemaking thrown in there.  Maybe some product reviews, and books that we are reading; esentially we will chat about many things and have a ton of fun!

This week my hubby helped me with a soap project.  I found this technique online you can find it Here
It's called the spoon swirl, and it is a ton of fun. There are some amazing soapers out there that have made beautiful soaps with this method, and it really was a fun project to do.
So here is a sneak peak of a soap of mine that will be availible for the holiday season. 

By alternating spoonfuls of the white/red you get this amazing marbled look.  It takes a little patience, and I would not use a fragrance that you know moves fast, you need a little bit of time.  I recruited a helper (my hubby) to do the red while I did the white.  It's even more fun with a friend to help!

Happy Soaping Take Care and See you all tomorrow!!

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