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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Don't look back ....

...your not going that way.

As I mentioned in a previous post there are many changes happening here at GLC.  The big one is that we are MOVING.  Yes that one word that can instill excitement, fear, stress, and a sense of adventure at the same time.  

As I pack up our home of 12 years, I must remember how wonderful this new opportunity is; reminding myself daily that change is good, change is necessary; and sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall into place.  

Thankfully we are not going to far, just an hour and half north to beautiful Skagit County.  I Love it up there.  Of all the places in Washington; this area is top on my list of places I would move to.  It has sprawling open spaces, yet is close to major shopping, restaurants and amenities.  After living in a city that is 20 min away from a just slightly bigger city and almost 1/2 hr away from any major city; I look forward to being closer to fun activities and shopping.  

But I'm not a city sort of gal, so I love that you can still feel like you are out in the country without having to actually be so far from everything.  

It has one of my favorite festivals every spring, the breathtaking Tulip Festival.  I try to check out the blooms every year and look forward to getting my camera out and strolling along the tulip rows in the Spring.

And best part of has my sister.  While the reason for our move is a job opportunity for my husband, I would be lying if I said I wasn't overjoyed at the fact that I will be just minutes from my big sis.  

But moving of course is not fun, nor is it easy; and moving not only your family, but your business is even harder.  I am working hard to make this change as easy as possible, although I am sure that as this process goes on there will be some things that are more challenging than others.  

First and foremost I have found that it is incredibly challenging to sell a house that you also raise your children in, and run a business out of. Not that's a totally different kind of adventure.

I appreciate your patience and support during this process and for allowing me a little extra time to complete orders.  

As I always customers....are simply the BEST!
Thanks for letting me share this wonderful journey with you!