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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Party Fit for a Princess

Have you checked out Pinterest yet?  I have and let me tell you..there are some amazing ideas for creating just about anything!  For my nieces 4th birthday party my amazing sister put together a party fit for the princess she is.

Now first and foremost I must say this:  The creative juices and elbow grease that went into planning and creating the projects shown go entirely to my sister, Angi.  She spent hours finding ideas on pinterest (although most of the time I say...I'm going to check pinterest quick and find myself still surfing hours later) plus she spent countless more hours making every single aspect that went into this party; now my assistance came much later...during the actual fun parts.  Second I must say sorry for the long post. I wanted to share with everyone the fun I had, plus as most of you know I love taking pictures..and may have went a bit overboard on that aspect.

Chocolate Cups

These chocolate cups were the funnest part of the party.  You really had to wait to get the melted chocolate to just the right temperature or the balloon would burst spraying everything in a close vicinity with chocolate.  As you can see from the picture if you look close...there are a few pieces of burst balloon down there!  Once the chocolate is fully hardened you pop the balloon and pull the pieces out.  Then the chocolate is the bowl for the ice cream! It was fantastic..nothing says fun like eating the bowl too!!! 


Pretty Pink Princess Cupcakes

Adorable cupcakes with bright pink frosting and adorable crown cupcake wraps.  The cupcake wraps were cut out using a Cricut machine.  The cupcake frog pics where cut out using the same cartridge with the Cricut.

Cupcake Stands and Princess Hats


With just a few items from you local craft show, and some white paint you can create an adorable little cupcake stands like these.

Princess hats inspired by Tangled, with their long flowing ribbons and embellished with pretty princess crowns.  All paper embellishments are cut using the Cricut.

Oreo Pops

Oreo pops! What a fantastic creation.  Double stuffed oreos on a stick (which would have been great all alone) dip them in white chocolate and they are a doubly good sweet treat! Inspired by this pin:

Princess tutu's for the special little princesses, handmade and simply adorable.  We had to cut one down for the littlest princess though. 

The four little special princesses got their very own table and all of their goodies to wear for the party.  The faces on those little girls was priceless. 

As I said before a few of these projects were inspired by posts on if you haven't checked it out you should! 
A HUGE thank you to my amazing sister for letting me share with you her creative ideas.  She looked at me like I was crazy when I told her I wanted to blog about her party!

As always have a great day!


  1. Wow, those little princesses surely had great fun and I can imagine your sister enjoyed making her princess's day very special.

    1. Thanks, they did have so much fun. And we even had a blast getting it all ready! We may have even had more fun than them!